Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my sleep recorded?

Disrupted sleep can disturb daytime activities and some medical problems during sleep pose a risk to your basic health. Sleep testing can establish whether you have a sleep order and the severity of it providing an invaluable guide to diagnosis and therapy.

What is the test?

The test is known as a polysomnogram (PSG). During a PSG test we measure multiple parameters while you sleep. Testing may include measuring:
- Brain waves (Electroencephalogram or EEG)
- Heart waves (Electrocardiogram or EKG)
- Limb Movements (Electromyogram or EMG)
- Eye movements (Electrooculogram or EOG)
- Blood oxygen

Will I sleep soundly during the test?

Most folks sleep well during sleep studies. You may choose to bring a favorite pillow or blanket. Body sensors that are attached to you permit turn and move while sleeping in the bed. Patients comment that they are no longer aware of the sensors quite quickly. Our friendly and experienced staff makes the environment as comfortable as possible.

Do you have weekend appointments?

Yes we do. We can accomodate testing on weeknights as well as weekend nights.

I am overweight or obese and I'm worried about sleep apnea

We understand this common concern. We can assess you for sleep apnea and determine whether sleep testing is needed or not. For over a decade, our medical practice has helped many obese patients with their diverse medical issues and with losing weight- a factor that can help with some forms of sleep apnea.

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