1. A regular sleep routine is helpful. Go to bed and wake up at regular times. A sleep time ritual such as reading a book or taking a bath can be salutory.

2. A bedroom that is very dark is conducive to sleep. Even night lights can be disruptive for some.

3. The bed and bedroom should be comfortable and at a pleasant temperature for you. White noise can be soothing and can mask disruptive noises.

4. If your significant other is a loud snorer and disrupting your sleep, he or she may need sleep testing!

5. Exercise can get you appropriately tired for sleep. For some people, it needs to be 3-4 hours before sleep otherwise it is stimulatory.

6. Avoid caffeine 6-8 hours before bedtime. For a few, avoidance of coffee may need to be as much as 12 hours before bedtime. Avoid alcohol and smoking before bedtime. Avoid television and smartphone or computer surfing before bedtime.

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