Sleeping at the Sleep Test

We find that patients sleep well and we are able to get good recordings.  We do provide pillows and other bedding but you are free to make yourself comfortable by bringing a book, your favorite pillow or blanket, and comfy 2 piece night clothes or pajamas.  

Getting ready for a Sleep Test

Please avoid naps, caffeine or alcohol prior to coming.  Please shower, shave, and shampoo before coming. Please avoid moisturizers on your skin, cream rinse, or other hair products.  This step is important to allow the sensors to attach properly.  Please do bring sleepwear, toiletries (toothbtush, comb etc.) and a change of clothing for the next day.   If you need medications, please bring them and inform the technician who will record them.  Please take your medications in your usual manner unless otherwise told by a physician.

During the Sleep Test

The sleep technician will explain to you the process, review your information forms, and attach sensors.  These sensors may monitor brain waves, heart waves. muscle activity, and oxygen levels among other parameters.  You will have your own bedroom and bed complete with all bedding.  As noted above, you may bring some bed items to add to your comfort.  There is a bathroom a few steps from the bedroom.  The testing is usually performed overnight and lasts 6.5 - 7 hours approximately. 

After the Sleep Test

It takes about 5-7 working days to score the test and generate a report.  Dr. Yong or your referring physician will discuss the report with you as appropriate.   Depending on the situation, some possible treatments may include CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices, weight loss, or referral to specialists as needed

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